Our philosophy is stimulated by our successful application of the human aspect: man always comes before techniques and the organisation, because companies are made of men.
This is where you need to understand even the most minute psychological aspects of your clients, because when a company asks for help, the advice it receives must appropriately encourage effective changes.

We at Mattiroli Associati chose Perugia as the centre of our activities (with links to Milan, Berlino and Paris) so we could think, create, and analyse far from the stress of large cities, yet at the same time be strategically located between the most representative companies in the textile industry throughout the country to guarantee rapid contacts in order to understand and resolve needs and problems more easily on-site. The company’s ability to attain its many goals can be explained by this possibility of being able to create, draft and plan projects for even multi-national companies in a relaxed, yet culturally strong environment.

Our ability to identify with the corporate situation is fundamental for producing winning solutions. Furthermore, our in-depth knowledge of the sector and collaboration with groups of Germans, French and Japanese has enabled us to create technological and organisational synergies of thought of unquestionable value.

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